I have written thirteen non fiction books and am currently writing the first book in a children's series. I am available to discuss any potential projects, whether they be for private use or are aimed at commercial publishing.  

Back On Track

Long-Listed 2020 Indie Book Awards: Best Non-Fiction

"An absorbing narration on the impact one human can make on society."

The Weekly Times

"Fuelled by Shakeshaft's earthy charisma, buoyancy and colourful language, Back on Track interweaves the tale of his reckless, troubled youth and how he found his feet, with vignettes from daily life at BackTrack and the stories of the kids whose lives have been transformed." 

The Sydney Morning Herald


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Under the Same Sky

"Under the Same Sky is a sad and moving book, detailing the journey of Milad Jafari, Mojgan Shamsalipoor, and their families as they move from Iran to Australia only to find a country that was at times still far from welcoming. 

.... an important story that should be read and discussed to ensure that pressure can be placed on the most powerful decision-makers to prevent such a tragedy being repeated."

Right Now Magazine

"A powerful insight into the human face of asylum seekers."


"James Knight has done an exceptional job. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Under the Same Sky which I think is a very important, even critical read."

Good Reads

"What affected me most powerfully was a sense of fury and despair that the world's refugee problem is principally caused by political and / or religious lunacy which foments oppression and violence."


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Henry and Banjo

"Henry and Banjo...Vivid and imaginative.....

brings two iconic  Australians to life."

The Sydney Morning Herald


"A brilliant book."

The Daily Telegraph


"An excellent, excellent writer."

John Laws, 2SM


"It's a great story."

Margaret Throsby, ABC Classic FM


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Extract from children's book 

(Work in Progress)

My name is Sizzly Bumpy. Actually, that’s not my real name. I only started calling myself Sizzly Bumpy after I stuck my head into a hedge outside the Dew Drop Inn on Christmas Eve. I was playing tag with my cousin X. 


I don’t know why I stuck my head into the hedge, and I don’t know where the name Sizzly Bumpy came from. It just happened. Things sometimes do. Just like last month when I was lying on my bean bag in the living room at home. I was watching a Youtube clip of Messi’s best goals. Then suddenly, there was a massive whack on the window. I looked through it and saw a pigeon lying in a pot-plant of mum’s parsley. The poor bird had flown into the glass. I went outside and picked it up. I thought it was dead. But then it looked up at me, shook its head, flapped its wings and flew away. I hope it’s feeling better now. Mum and dad said it would be alright, but Grandad said he saw it the other day at the chemist.

‘It was buying headache tablets,’ said Grandad ‘And it couldn’t walk in a straight line.’ 

Grandad is a bit crazy. He likes eating cold brussel sprouts mixed with yoghurt for breakfast, and he can recite Elvis Presley songs backwards. He says it keeps his mind active. He is very smart.

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