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James has spoken to a vast and eclectic array of audiences: international corporations; a stadium full of cricket fans; school students of all ages; world famous athletes; charities; social advocacies...

Speaking Topics

Corporate, NFP & Adult Education

'The Critical Importance of Storytelling in the Workplace'


Each workshop or keynote is specifically tailored to the client's brief, and covers such topics as:

  • Don't bring me a story, bring me an angle

  • Identifying the message

  • The choice of words

  • The damaging power of assumption

  • Curiosity

  • Imagination

  • Critical Thinking

  • Communication Tips


'What do you need to tell a story?'

Focuses on insatiable curiosity, imagination, senses, context & a few nuts and bolts

'The power of stories' 

Recollections of a life gathering stories

Guest Speaking

  • The power of stories

  • Ramblings from the road

  • All things sport

  • MC

Courtesy: Content That Connects

"We recently asked James Knight to be our key-note speaker at our annual conference.

He completely understood our brief and tailored his talk to address the challenges facing our business. His talk was engaging and relevant to our company's direction, while inspiring us with new & creative ways of viewing the opportunities ahead of us.

I look forward to working with James again and I recommend him to any business looking for someone to engage your team in thinking differently about the challenges your business is facing."

Nick Chronis,  Seven Miles Coffee Roasters, Australia.

"James combined a superb use of language, without once appearing to refer to any notes, with an almost theatrical style of delivery. He seemed to have everyone in the room mesmerized with his concepts, detail and deep insights into his topic. It was one of the most memorable talks I have attended."


John North, Athenaeum Club, Melbourne

"I wanted to thank you once again for the speech you gave last night.

It was truly inspirational and I hope transformative for the members of our school."

Joanne O'Sullivan, Pittwater House, Sydney

"Our students enjoyed James Knight's presentation very much. It was great and very engaging. Students enjoyed the conversations and bookmark signings at the end of the session. James is an experienced, professional and very friendly author."

Pauline Chalhoub,


Evans High School

"Invigorating, inspiring and thoroughly entertaining! I’ve never seen JJ Cahill students so enthralled. His presentation had a lasting effect on students that dug deep and transcended well beyond the curriculum."

Tara Mylan, Librarian

JJ Cahill Memorial High School.

“Everyone raved about James Knight’s speech.” 

Brittany Riley,

Dorothea Mackellar Awards

"Every so often you get a chance to witness something special, and to sit there this morning and listen to James Knight, and beyond James to see the captivated faces of our young men was a real treat."

Fairfield Patrician Brothers College

James's speech begins 12 minutes into clip

"I had James with Year 12. He was very natural and comfortable with the boys-especially chatting informally with them before his session formally started. As a speaker, he was animated and engaging. He had lots of stories and some interesting props, and he got many boys out of their seats and involved in the session. Great!"

Newington College Teacher.

"James Knight has a gift for storytelling. Our adult audience laughed...we cried...and we gave a standing ovation. We wanted more."


Margaret Amos,

GS Kidd Memorial School

Invictus Games Fundraiser Event

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