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The back-roads of memories.

Just a little thing I thought I'd begin. I'm calling it 'Thank Goodness'. On as many days as possible (during the Coronavirus crisis) I'll post a little story that reminds me of the goodness I've experienced somewhere in the world. It's just a way to bring us together, to learn from and be uplifted by one another. Here's today's offering:

So, today Mum and I went for a drive along the backroads somewhere between here and there. In other words, in the bush. ‘Wish’ came too, nestled in the footwell of the car. You see, she always has to be touching Mum. The poor dog has jutting bottom teeth. Mum reckons she needs braces.

As we drove, we spoke about many things: red dust, the shine of bimblebox leaves, Murray Greys hiding from an ‘ill wind.’ At one point we passed an old hall and tennis courts whose lines are only marked by the shadows of loose hanging light wires. There have been no games here since who knows when. This area was part of the Ghoolendaadi Soldiers Settlement ( look up ‘Soldier Setllers ‘ if you want to know more on this part of Australian history.)

Just as an aside Mum mentioned that dad, a World War Two Veteran, was invited to speak to the locals at the hall one Anzac Day many years ago. ‘ But he got very upset, ‘ recalled Mum. ‘Why?’ I asked....’Because he wanted to speak about his mates but he broke down. As we were driving home he said he’d made a fool of himself. But I told him: ‘No, it’s Anzac Day.’ Dad never gave away much about himself during his life. I wish I’d known him better. Now, thank goodness for Mum and all those of similar generations whose wisdom and memories are lessons forever more.

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