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Hearts in Hands

Just a little thing I thought I'd begin. I'm calling it 'Thank Goodness'. On as many days as possible (during the Coronavirus crisis) I'll post a little story that reminds me of the goodness I've experienced somewhere in the world. It's just a way to bring us together, to learn from and be uplifted by one another. Here's today's offering:

In 2006, my wife, Clare, and I had our honeymoon in Morocco. One evening when walking through a souq in Marakech, we stopped to watch a teenage boy chipping tiles for a mosaic that he was making in a shop. We got chatting with him and told him we'd just been married. He smiled and immediately chipped out two little hearts from the tile he was working on, and he gave them to us. We thanked him, watched him work for a little while longer, then moved on. A very special part of him remains in our lives. Thank goodness.

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