Please forgive the rough bald head and the absence of production polish in these pieces. But those things don't matter at all. It's the people I (we) listen to who do. In this face-to-face-from-afar series I'll be learning from all walks of life. Why? Because the older I get, the more I realise I know next to nothing, and there is so much wisdom, knowledge and insight all around me that I yearn to tap into. This is a way to connect and to UNDERSTAND, or at least try to. From sports stars to authors, educators to travellers...There is no-one I can't learn from. 


Episode Three (Aug 20, 2020)

Dr Lakshmi Kumar, Indian Educator

Here's one for anyone involved in education. From teachers to parents and interested observers. Lakshmi Kumar is an inspiration. She is founder and director of The Orchid School in Pune, India. She and her staff are doing some terrific work preparing our kids for tomorrow's world. In this edited interview Lakshmi discusses some really topical issues, and her outlook will make us think. We chat about education, standardised testing, content and context, and here's a biggie...the degrees of honesty us parents show when it comes to the importance of marks. 


Episode One (Aug 7, 2020)

Susanne Gervay (OAM)


This week, a very generous, talented and extraordinary woman has given me her time and shared her words. Renowned children's writer Susanne Gervay, (OAM) is a treasure. From paprika to World War Two brutalities, this chat twists and turns in the most unexpected ways.

Warning: Adult themes. 

Episode Two (Aug 14, 2020)

Brett Lee, Australian cricketer


During his career, Brett 'Binga' Lee was not only a player but an entertainer. A favourite among kids, he showed that elite sport could be fun even when the pressure was on. However, he certainly had his setbacks. In this interview Brett talks about winning and losing---the lessons learnt.