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Documentaries: Concept to delivery

Commercials: Concept to delivery 

Podcasts: Concept to delivery


Commercials: Concept to delivery

Videos: Concept to delivery

Web Content: Concept to delivery

Media Training


Producer (TV: Field & Post)



Voice Over


Sports Commentator 

'Whether it is a months-long toil knitting a large-scale, complex documentary or landing unassisted amidst the live broadcast of an event, James has an extraordinary knack for revealing a wonderful story or bringing the best out of a fascinating character. In addition to television work he continues to explore the art of story-telling with speaking and beautifully-written newspaper, magazine and web-based articles on the many explorations that his inquisitive mind plots. The undercurrent of all of these has been his great affinity with the human condition. Thanks to his rural background he has a deep affection for Australian culture and history.

James’ renown is built not just on a vast experience at all levels of the media industry but an exceptional talent for poetic, explicit language and a unique sensitivity for his subject. It is that same sensitivity and compassion that has made him a valued colleague, team member and for those of us lucky enough – friend.'

Bill Woods

Media Presenter & Columnist

TV reporting. Sochi 2014. Courtesy Channel 10     

TV Commercial. Australian Cricketers'         Association. Concept to delivery.

Corporate. NSW Rural Doctors Network. Concept to delivery.

Opinion interview. Courtesy BBC International. 

Commentary Melbourne Marathon. Courtesy: IMG Media

Ultra Marathon Documentary. 

Concept to Delivery

Online project (Now used in some secondary schools to discuss 'identity.' Concept to Delivery.

From the vault!

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