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"Over the last two decades, James has been engaged to perform various communications roles ranging from
news journalism, digital production, commercial production, copywriting, book writing as well as provide media training to young athletes including Brett Lee and Pat Cummins. In addition, James has assisted with document writing for pitches and developing credentials documents including video. I am pleased that I have had an association with James for over 20 years, and the reason for this is  the professional manner in which he has serviced our relationship. Of course this is also a result of the high standards of work provided to us and the fact that it has resonated with clients and consumers."


Neil Maxwell,

Managing Director

Beyond Boundaries Marketing International

"James Knight is unquestionably one of the most creative people I have worked alongside in the television industry. His knack for telling a story is one of his greatest strengths. He has vast experience as a writer and a journalist. He is respected throughout the industry not only for his immeasurable ability, but also for the way he communicates with those around him. James has been a wonderful mentor to many people, including me, who have sought his advice along the way. I have had the pleasure of working and knowing James for twenty years. In that time I have witnessed first-hand his willingness to pass on his knowledge and his skills to help colleagues. That is just one reason that makes James stand out. I can say that as a journalist James has few peers and as a communicator he is unrivalled."


Steve Hurson,

Senior Producer

Network Ten TV, Australia.

"Whether it is a months-long toil knitting a large-scale, complex documentary or landing unassisted amidst the live broadcast of an event, James has an extraordinary knack for revealing a wonderful story or bringing the best out of a fascinating character. In addition to television work he continues to explore the art of story-telling with speaking and beautifully-written newspaper, magazine and web-based articles on the many explorations that his inquisitive mind plots. The undercurrent of all of these has been his great affinity with the human condition. Thanks to his rural background he has a deep affection for Australian culture and history.

James’ renown is built not just on a vast experience at all levels of the media industry but an exceptional talent for poetic, explicit language and a unique sensitivity for his subject. It is that same sensitivity and compassion that has made him a valued colleague, team member and for those of us lucky enough – friend."


Bill Woods

Media Presenter & Columnist.

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