I'm blowed if I know what to write about myself. In short, I suppose I've been around a bit. I've written a few bestselling books; have had my head on the box in a few prominent places for a few prominent networks; worked in some fascinating places across the world; and had gold pass access to many famous and not-so-famous events. But what does that mean? Again, blowed if I know. Hang on, I do know...I've been very, very lucky. 

From the vault, Lahore, Pakistan

I'm even luckier to have met people from all walks of life. My professional and personal philosophy is simple: 'There is not a single person I can't learn from.'  As I continue meeting people, the lessons about life continue. And may they never end.

I'm also a dad, a husband, a dog owner, a spirited traveller, a marathon runner, and an average cricketer who once thought he was a star. I'm also a bush-raised bloke who will always consider the bush his home and will never tire of big skies and feeling dirt under the boots. At times I've also suffered from depression. Not easy. But it has also given me a greater understanding of those around me and the challenges they may face. 


Gondar, Ethiopia


Near Delhi, India


Coroico, Bolivia


New York, USA


My young son, who is both a ball of perpetual motion and a thinker, asked me recently (July 2020): "Dad, what is your biggest achievement? Is it running a marathon? Is it writing a book? Is it reading the news on TV? What is it?"​

I took a breath. (And for as long I'm lucky enough to take breaths, I reckon I might be working on a suitable answer.) But of course that wouldn't satisfy a boy who is not yet old enough to understand that the way we see ourselves is never as simple as opening a school lunchbox and choosing between a sandwich and an apple.. So, what did I tell him.


'I'm blowed if I know, mate. I just hope I'm a  bloke who is kind and has had a real crack at doing his best.' 


            Smiles from afar,

            James (Knighty)