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 G'day. Welcome to a site that embraces stories in all their shapes, sizes and forms. Stories connect us. They help us make sense of our communities, our world, and our lives. This site provides information for the many services I offer through my own independent company and as a contractor. Services include:

  • Education (Story Connect)

  • Writing

  • Media Production

  • Media Training

  • Keynote & Guest Speaking

I've been incredibly lucky to have worked in many far-flung places across the world. Time and again my experiences remind me that the people so often make the place;  this defines my work ethos. I feel privileged to meet people, listen to them, learn from them, and be trusted by them to help tell their stories. 

​​Smiles from afar,

James (Knighty)


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Men's Health


Mental health is a very important issue, and one of many areas that needs close attention is the mental health of rural men. Here is  a recent radio interview I had with the 'Unbreakable Farmer'  Warren Davies. Good on you Warren for all you are doing. Thank you to Warren, the Rural Adversity Mental Health Program,  Yougotthismate.com.au and radio 2BS, Bathurst.  

Warren Davies

Global NFP Book Project

In collaboration with my Indian colleague, Tania Kamath, from the Watering Can Foundation, we are publishing a NFP book that includes short writings from secondary school children from across the world. If you or your school would like to know more, please contact us.

Children's book 

After writing 13 adult non-fiction books, I'm having a crack at a children's book that I hope to finish by the end of the year. Here's a snippet. 

Please help me UNDERSTAND Project

Launched in August 2020. See here.

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